As spring winds down, we’re ready to greet the hotter seasons of the year. Severe effects of summer are acknowledged by everyone as temperatures begin to climb the more sufferers experience uncomfortable conditions. Sunburn, heat strokes, and dehydration are just a few of the effects of the scorching heat summer brings. To remain healthy throughout summer, it is essential to make sure you take suitable precautions. In this blog D.T Luna Jaiswal, the Best dietician in Lucknow, India will go over the top five tips to ensure fit, healthy, and shielded from the scorching sun.

1- Take plenty of fluids.

First and foremost, it is vital to remain hydrated throughout the summer. The sweat you shed is an inevitable consequence of any exercise you do during the hot summer days. To ensure the least amount of loss in water in the body, it’s vital to consume plenty of water and other fluids. A health expert recommends drinking 8 glasses of water each day to ensure that you are well-hydrated. A hydrated body is more active and can better manage to prevent exhaustion.

Also, avoid drinking water that has not been filtered because many summer illnesses like diarrhoea, typhoid and Hepatitis A and E are water-borne ailments. If you feel fatigued or have irregular stool movements, you could suffer from any or more of these ailments. It is advised to consult a doctor and get checked immediately.

2- Be aware of your diet.

It is vital to eat a balanced diet during summer because of the season’s fruit and vegetables, and you can get the nutrients that meet your body’s requirements and maintain your health in the winter seasons. Include juices, salads and salads along with yoghurt and seasonal fruits as well as sprouts to ensure you get the correct quantity of minerals and nutrients.

3- Beware of spicy food.

We Indians are amazed by the taste of spices. While spicy and hot food is a great way to stay warm during the winter months, it can cause havoc on your stomach in summer. The body heats up in the internal area to combat the heat. The internal heat causes acidity that is frequently worsened by spicy food. Therefore, it is recommended by the Best dietician in India to consume less spicy and oily food to avoid stomach problems.

4- Get a good night’s rest.

The summer days can be long and exhausting. Since your schedule may change in summer, it’s crucial to take the proper time off to prevent exhaustion. Health professionals recommend the need for seven to nine hours of rest. It is also recommended to take a small meal at dinner time to help digestion and prevent any disturbances during sleep.

5- Protection from sun

Sunlight can prove brutal in the summer months and cause numerous dermatological issues. To keep your skin healthy and prevent sunburns, wear sunscreen each time you leave home. Make sure you use a medically-approved and high SPF sunscreens to ensure healthy skin. You can choose SPF 30 or SPF 40. You can also choose SPF 50 and SPF UVA/UVB according to your skin type. Be sure to consult an expert if you suffer from irritation, inflammation or any skin irritation caused by exposure to the sun.

Being mentally and physically healthy is crucial to overall wellbeing. DT Luna Jaiswal, the Best dietician in Lucknow, recommends doing moderate exercises and meditation to maintain an energised body and a more peaceful mind. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re healthy and safe through the hot summer months.

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