Whether you like it or not water is the essence of life and is needed by every cell in your body. Sometimes you feel drained , drowsy or listless despite of having adequate diet. This is common in summer because of lack of water. Here are few reasons for you to have this elixir of life…

  • Insufficient water level increases body temperature and slows metabolic activity like absorption , digestion , transport of nutrients , elimination of wastes and increases acid levels too.
  • Water acts as a cleansing agent and flushes out toxins . Consuming 10 – 12 glasses each day can improve conditions like muscle ache, body pain, heart burn , joints pain , kidney stone , constipation , acne and skin allergies .
  • Water is important to combat the dehydration caused by alcohol .
  • Water is not only hydrogen and oxygen but has dissolved minerals in it which are essential for body.
  • When kidney fails to cleanse the body due to inadequate water , the liver has to work harder putting undue stress on it.
  • Drinking water during weight loss provides hydration without unwanted calories. As we know it helps flush out waste from the body , which is especially important during fat metabolism and weight loss .
  • Recent researches show that a person’s mental capacity to work with figures and numbers is much higher when body is fully hydrated.
  • When a person does not drink enough water the saliva and perspiration gets very concentrated and gives off an offensive odour .who wants that so , drink plenty of water.

Seventy percent of our body is made up of water .Drink water on an empty stomach. This water can be kept overnight in a copper or silver vessel . You can drink sunlight charged water also.

No single formula fits everyone , knowing your body’s need for fluid will help you estimate how much water is adequate for you . It depends on the size, climate, diet and activity level .On the other hand too much of water can be taxing. With summer setting in make it a point to drink water correctly to keep your body and mind fresh and active.

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