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During present scenario, Covid-19 is the leading challenge across the globe. People are trying to attain immunity & a good nutritional status to fight against covid19. But have you thought that by just following a simple nutritional diet plan you can overcome all the physical problems? Searching for "dietician near me", "nutritionist near me", "dietician for weight loss" In Lucknow? Our Diet Plans are designed to help you lose weight quickly, pre and post pregnancy, PCOS/PCOD, thyroid, diabetes, gastric, cholesterol, and other therapeutic conditions. Online consultation is also available for International Diet Plans like the Advance Indian Keto Weight Loss Diet Plans, Paleo Diet Plans or Gluten-Free Diet Plans. For all your queries related to diet plan for your health problem, Dt. Luna Jaiswal will guide you through a perfect diet program. To Consult and overcome your diet/nutrition related issues with best dietician in Lucknow. Reach us by filling out the enquiry Form!!


Luna Jaiswal

A seasoned nutritionist/dietician in lucknow with more than 15 years of experience in the health and nutrition field, Luna Jaiswal holds a diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition and has also specialized in Sports Nutrition.

She has been actively working in the field of weight management and lifestyle disorders (High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS & Low Immunity) via Addlife- a nutrition counselling centre located in Lucknow. Additionally, she was also a consultant at the Railway Police Force Academy, helping RFA personnel achieve the right balance between exercise and nutrition.

The principle that she chooses to live by is "Moderate Eating....Healthy Living". She believes that eating the right food in the right amount is the most important decision a person can make for their health. She guides her clients to make better food choices for optimal health and creates individualised diet plans based on specific needs. Her pragmatic approach to optimal nutrition and health make her a reliable favourite among her clients. She prioritises having a positive attitude towards food rather than trying extreme diets over a short period of time as she strictly believes in No Starvation. Her work with Addlife clearly demonstrates her holistic approach that has helped transform many lives for the better in and around Lucknow.

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A personal nutrition assessment by best dietitian in lucknow will diagnose your nutritional requirements and customize the balance of food and nutrients to your individual needs.

Single Diet Consultation

Addlife provides a balanced approach to diet and nutrition.

Cholesterol management

Diabetes management

Hypertension Management

Well-Planned Meals

Diet For Special Needs

Addlife helps with your special needs and imbalances.

Pre-Pregnancy Diet

Post-Pregnancy Diet


Hormonal Imbalances

Weight Management

Addlife provides a balanced approach to Weight management.

Treat Food Like Training

Detoxifying the body.

Well-Planned Meals

Practice portion control.

Sports Diet Program

Special diets to help you cope with intense training and fitness regime.

Choose Right Fat

Get Enough Protein

Load Up on Carbs

Drink Fluids

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    Frequently Asked Question : Dietician In Lucknow

    1Does a dietitian only help with weight loss?
    A Dietician not only helps with weight loss, she works with people who are struggling to loose or gain weight. She also helps with improving the dietary habits for those who have health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, PCOS, low immunity.& gut related issues. A weight loss dietician works with people to understand their needs and challenges for a healthy lifestyle and designs meal plans accordingly without any support of medicines.
    2What does a dietitian/nutritionist do?
    A Dietitian/Nutritionist plays an integral role in framing diet plans that keep you fit and healthy. She works on recognising and accessing a person’s health and their nutrition requirements in a way that it repairs your body from the inside, boosts your immunity, helps your skin keep glowing, fights ailments & gut issues.
    3What is the difference between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?
    What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist? Answer: A dietitian is a trained professional who promotes nutritional well being by providing a comprehensive meal plan and treat medical conditions. On the other hand, Nutritionists are focused on promoting healthy eating habits for those who are seeking to improve their nutrition intake with a balanced lifestyle.
    4When do you need to see a dietician?
    You should see a dietician at your own will to reduce the risk of developing any chronic diseases and reduce usage of long term medications. A dietitian works with you to create a healthy diet plan that has the nutrients, which one needs to manage health conditions.
    5 Can A Dietitian/Nutritionist Help in losing weight?
    A weight loss dietician /nutritionist can help you lose weight using diet plans according to your BMI to stay in normal weight range and maintain a healthy lifestyle.