Case Studies

Name: Ms. Nivedita SrivastavaNivedita

Age: 26 Years

Sex: Female

Category: Thyroid Reversal

Diagnosis: Ms. Nivedita Srivastava approached us with symptoms related to thyroid issues, exhibiting a TSH level of 13.28 µlU/ml on 17-07-2022. She also reported low energy, acidity, constipation, and acne.

Treatment: Renowned Nutritionist/Dietitian in Lucknow, Ms. Luna Jaiswal, recommended a comprehensive approach to address Ms. Srivastava’s health concerns. This involved dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications, yoga practices, and neck massages. Emphasis was placed on improving liver health to enhance the conversion of the active hormone T4 to T3.

Result: Within six weeks, Ms. Srivastava experienced significant improvement. Her TSH levels decreased to 2.99 µlU/ml by October 2022, down from the initial 13.28 µlU/ml on 17-07-2022. Concurrently, she also achieved a weight loss of approximately 6 kg. Ms. Srivastava has since maintained her weight and reports an overall improvement in well-being. Recently, she has incorporated exercise into her routine.

Congratulations to Ms. Nivedita Srivastava for her progress, and we extend our best wishes for her continued health and wellness.

Date: 09/02/24

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Name: Dr. Kavita Pathak Kavita Pathak

Age: 55 Years

Sex: Female

Category: Hyperlipidemia

Diagnosis: Ms. Kavita Pathak exhibited concerns regarding thyroid function and hyperlipidemia, with Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels measuring 236 mg/dl and 180 mg/dl, respectively, in February 2023. Additionally, she had a medical history of prolonged steroid use for managing the autoimmune condition Sarcoidosis.

Treatment: Ms. Luna Jaiswal suggested lifestyle changes, including incorporating healthy fats and prescribed one supplement. Additionally, she recommended neem and giloy water. Dietary adjustments were tailored to align with her lifestyle, incorporating practical changes and seasonal foods. Whey water was also recommended, which provided strength and alleviated weakness within a few weeks. Despite the recommendation of a statin by the doctor, it was deemed unnecessary as her lipid levels normalized through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Result: She had her blood test done in February 2023, revealing her Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels at 236 mg/dl and 180 mg/dl respectively. By October 2023, her levels had dropped to 212 mg/dl and 142 mg/dl. Witnessing these improvements, she felt delighted. Her Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels returned to a normal range, prompting her to cease taking medications. Additionally, she lost around 5 kg of weight during this period by following a diet regimen.

Date: 01/04/24

Luna Jaiswal

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Name: Mr. Arun Arya

Age: 61 Years

Sex: Male

Category: Diabetes

Diagnosis: Mr. Arun Arya had elevated blood sugar levels, Hypertension, occasional constipation and weight gain. His weight in December 2022 was 97.4 kg. His fasting sugar levels measured 166 mg/dl, with an HbA1c of 7.2%, prompting significant health concerns. Complicating matters, he resides in a hotel abroad, making treatment delivery more challenging.

Treatment: Mr. Arun Arya sought treatment for weight management and diabetes, alongside managing his hypertension. Residing in Iraq, predominantly in hotels, his commitment to adhering to dietary changes deserves acknowledgment for yielding commendable results even after staying in the hotel in other country where Indian ingredients are not easily available in the kitchen. Dt. Luna Jaiswal tailored his diet plan according to his situation  & suggested few lifestyle changes too to  suit his specific health conditions contributing to his progress.

Result:  After five months of participating in our program, Mr. Arun Arya underwent another round of blood tests, revealing remarkable improvements. His fasting sugar levels decreased to 95.2 mg/dl, accompanied by a reduction in HbA1c to 6.81%. Delighted by these results, he also experienced a weight loss of approximately 5 kg within a short period. Mr. Arya remains dedicated to adhering to the diet and guidelines provided by Ms. Luna Jaiswal, maintaining his health consistently.

Date: 05-04-24

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