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She is providing a diet plan to the client by properly investigating their health-related aspects. According to her, health and fitness is the only way through which we can imprint a level of confidence among others. Her ambition is to promote the quality of life among the people so that they can live without suffering from any sort of disease. In addition to this, she is also providing timely counselling sessions to the people. She provides an online consultancy business plan which enables the remote customer to consult with them for getting a good dietary plan to support all aspects of health. Stop waiting and set your health at priority.

The main purpose of Luna Jaiswal is to increase the quality and expectancy of life. She has 13+ years of experience. She worked in a number of domains which include lifestyle disorders and weight management. Her opinion is health is the main aspect that imparts a level of confidence in an individual because there is a number of people who are suffering from weight disorders which are termed as obesity. Also, due to obesity people suffers from acute problems as well. Thus, to stop all this, and to promote health, Luna Jaiswal provides health-related dietician services in India so that people live happy for a long time. So what you are waiting for? Book your appointment now!!!

Addlife is a Nutrition Counselling Centre in Lucknow founded by Dietitian – Luna Jaiswal which helps improve your health through Nutrition therapy.