The main benefit of any special diet is the elimination or reduction of bleached flour, refined sugar, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and processed, pre-packaged foods. In other words, a more natural diet usually leads to health improvements. Dt. Luna Jaiwal insists that the more natural heathy eating is the key to manage any diet for special needs of the client. 

Pre-Natal Diet

During pregnancy, your eating habits affect your baby for its growth & development. Making healthy food choices and having a balanced diet is important. But we should not go into myths like ‘eating for two’. Also certain food and drinks should be strictly avoided. Based on the client’s stage of pregnancy, past medical history and physical condiction, a customised diet for the client is made keeping in mind the nutrition needed for baby’s growth/

Post-Natal Diet

For every new mother, post pregnancy phase is an exciting time but can also be exhausting and overwhelming with a new born. The mother has to keep themselves and the baby nourished during this time.  She needs to ensure that they make some smart choices eating wise, have healthy balanced diet, keep themselves hydrated and eat food which provide the postpartum nutrition in order to speed recovery and boost energy especially if they are lactating. During breast-feeding the mother needs to help fuel her milk production and take a diet which supports it.  Dt. Jaiswal will ensure based on your past history, current lifestyle and support at home we create a diet for the client which will help them in their beginning of the motherhood. 

Child Nutrition

Healthy eating in childhood and adolescence is important for proper growth and development and to prevent various health conditions.There diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, Fat-free and low-fat dairy products, a variety of protein foods, Oil and avoid added sugars, and reduce sodium intake. A healthy diet and eating habits help them improve their attention span, cognitive memory and gut health.

Sports Diet

With sports nutrition there is a misconception in terms of how to achieve a balanced diet which should be a mix vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats. We create a diet with a mix of all these focusing on your likes and dislikes. Similarily body building should be done with portion control in a certain proten-carb-fat ratio and it is important to take consultation to avoid long term health risks.

Body BuildingIf your goal is to bulk up, lose weight, or just stay healthy, how you train is only one part of the plan. To produce the best results for your body, pair your training regimen with meal plans that power your workouts and get you closer to your personal goals. You will achieve your goald with easy-digesting starchy carbs and fewer fats before and after workouts to promote energy and muscle growth. So a balanced diet is again the answer here, what and how much to eat is important and the plan needs to be a personalized one depending on your goals. 

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