The winter season is here, and so is the time to build your immunity and strengthen your body. This season is great to boost your digestive system, and therefore, you must eat good food and exercise regularly to improve your overall well being.

The best foods in winter are the ones that can keep your body warm and improve your metabolism. Although there are many foods that may serve this purpose, the following six foods recommended by Dt. Luna jaiswal the best dietician in India are most important. These foods are the soul of Indian winters and help combat all the health issues prevalent during this season.


  • Gond:

If you have been raised in an Indian household, you must have grown up eating Gond Laddu. There is a perfectly good reason why our grannies insisted on eating Gond during winters. It helps keep our bodies warm, prevent cold and seasonal virus infections, improve immunity and boost stamina. It is also one of the best foods to lubricate joints and alleviate back pain and joint pain in the body. However, remember that this winter food must be eaten in moderation.

  • Til:

Til or sesame seeds are your best friends during winters. They help boost energy, improve digestion, enhance immunity, support bone health and keep your body warm for long periods. They are also highly rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which help to keep your hair and skin moisturised during winters.

Addlife Tip:

Take two tablespoons of Moti Saunf (fennel seeds) and one tablespoon of coriander (Dhania) seeds. Then, roast them in a pan and grind them into a coarse powder. Next, take ½ tablespoon of white sesame seeds or Til and roast them as well. Add the roasted sesame seeds to the fennel-coriander powder, along with one tablespoon of Khadi Shakar (rock candy). Store this mouth freshener in a box and eat it after meals to improve your digestion.

  • Amla:

Winter is the season of Amla or Indian gooseberry. Almost all Indian households have a tradition of making Amla Murabba during this season. Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, and regular consumption of Amla helps increase immunity during winters. It is also highly beneficial in treating hair loss, weight gain, acidity and many other problems prevalent in winters.

Addlife Tip:

Extract 1 glass of fresh Amla juice in the morning and mix ½-1 teaspoon of Khadi Shakar or rock candy to it. Have this concoction every morning and say goodbye to all winter illnesses and problems.

  • Sonth:

Winters tend to increase joint pain and make your arthritis extremely uncomfortable. One of the best remedies lying in your kitchen to solve your arthritis problem is none other than Sonth or dried ginger powder. Sonth also helps keep your body warm, prevent cold and combat digestive ailments such as gas, flatulence, etc. Even Ayurveda recommends Sonth over fresh ginger, as fresh ginger can cause dryness in your throat, whereas Sonth has Snigdha (unctuous) properties that help relieve sore throat.

Addlife Tip:

Take equal quantities of Sonth, Gud (jaggery) and ghee and mix them well. Then, make pea-size balls from this mixture and store them in a glass container. Take 2 of these balls every morning after waking up for ten days and see the difference.

  • Gur:

Gur or jaggery is one of the best foods to produce heat in your body. It will give your body enough calories to make you feel warm instantly. This winter food also helps to dilate blood vessels and produce warmth that lasts for long periods.

Addlife tip:

Take a few Ajwain or carom seeds and crush them using a pestle. Mix it with some Gur or jaggery and have it after your meals.

  • Paya Soup (Mutton Bone Broth):

A bowl of Paya soup is the best warm food for winter. It will help give much-needed warmth to your body while also providing you with all the essential proteins and vitamins. Furthermore, Paya soup is vastly rich in collagen, and therefore, helps to strengthen your joints and augment your hair and skin health during winters. It also helps boost immunity and prevent infections in the body.

Do Not Forget!

  • You should include a good quantity of spices in your diet to help you stay warm for long periods and boost your immunity.
  • As your energy levels drop during winters, you should also increase the intake of your carbs. Eat root vegetables such as Shaljam (turnips), carrots etc. and stay active and energized in this chilly weather.

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