Diet and nutrition can play a significant role in the prevention and management of diseases and disorders. It can be used as a tool to make sure your never family never gets trapped in the loop of diseases. This is how I started my journey into the world of nutrition. What began with a goal to make sure my kids eat right, soon became a profession. As I ventured more and more into my career, I realised the magic of diet in preventing, treating and managing diseases. In this blog, I wish to talk about the same. Here, I will be answering some major doubts regarding the benefits of proper nutrition. Keep reading to shatter some myths!

  • How can diet and nutrition help in the management of diseases?

Most diseases are usually caused due to unhealthy dietary and eating habits. An imbalanced diet does not let proper nutrition reach the cells in the body and increase the formation of harmful toxins. With the help of proper nutrition, you may prevent numerous disorders and can also effectively manage them.

  • What are the diseases that you can manage with the help of proper nutrition?

Often people think that the primary function of diet and nutrition is to manage gut health and obesity. However, it is not true. Diet and nutrition are also highly effective in the management of many other diseases such as endometriosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, PCOS, chronic fatigue disease, kidney problems, liver cirrhosis, skin diseases, etc. Diseases such as diabetes, CVD and PCOS can also be treated and reversed in certain cases.

  • Can diet help manage diabetes? 

Yes! Ever since I started my career, most of my patients have been diabetics who wish to manage the disease with diet. Many of them now only take mild medications to manage diabetes. Proper nutrition has profound effects on blood sugar levels. In fact, few of my clients have almost reversed diabetes. They do not even need to take medications anymore as long as they eat a proper diet.

  • What about PCOS and CVDs? How does diet help in the management of these diseases?

PCOS is all about eating a nutritious diet. Diet can help you attain an ideal weight and balance your hormones. In my experience, many of my patients have seen significant improvement in the management of PCOS. I have also worked with many people who suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Almost all of them have seen great improvement in their heart health. Nutritious food can boost blood circulation, control blood pressure levels and manage cholesterol levels. It helps to ensure that your heart remains fit and healthy.

  • Are diet plans sufficient to manage and prevent diseases?  

Diet and nutrition are keys to the management of any disease. The food we take provides energy or life force to our cells to function properly. Proper nutrition acts as an invisible shield to prevent diseases in our bodies. Therefore, following an appropriate diet plan is vital to treat your diseases. However, merely consulting a nutritionist and getting a diet plan is not sufficient. You will have to be diligent and dedicated to following it. Diet cannot do instant magic. It takes time. Therefore, patience is extremely important while trying to manage your diseases naturally and holistically.

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