We are generally more concerned about daily protein and carbohydrates intake and tend to neglect other more important nutrients. Low level of hemoglobin goes undetected which can very subtly influence your working capacity, can cause dizziness and fatigue.
Haemoglobin is protein component of red blood cells which transports oxygen throughout the body. New red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow as old ones are destroyed by the liver, creating a continuing need for haemoglobin. Women are more prone to iron deficiency anemia but men also need to pay heed………

  • Our body needs iron in order to make haemoglobin. Try to incorporate good amount of iron rich food in your diet…….
  • 100g of raw  chawli has 3.4mg, sarson saag has 16.5 mg , spinach has 1.14 mg, mint has 15.6 mg while 100g of suva has 17.4mg of iron
  • 50 gm of rajmah has 2.5mg ,soybean has  5mg,dry peas contains 3.5mg,moth beans has 4.8 mg while  50 gm of bhunna channa has 4.7 mg of iron.
  • 1 bowl of cooked poha provides 5 mg of iron, 1 bajra roti roti has 2 mg while 1 whole wheat roti has 1mg of iron.
  • 1 tbsp of sunflower seed contains 0 .75mg of iron , 1 tbsp of white til seed provides 1.4mg while 1 tbsp of kala til has 8 mg of iron.
  • 1 cup of dried apricot has 7.2mg, dried peaches have 9.6mg, prunes have  3.8mg, raisins have  5mg  while ¼ cup of cashew has 2.1 mg .2 dried fig has 1 mg of iron.
  • Non vegetarians can get  their fill from meat, poultry and fish as they are richer in haem iron which is absorbed more efficiently than iron obtained from plant sources.
  • Taking vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, mango,  cabbage, broccoli,  green pepper can help the body to absorb the iron better.
  • Phytates, oxalates and phosphates hinder iron absorption. Coffee, tea contain compound which block the absorption of iron hence they shouldn’t be taken with meal.
  • It is a good idea to increase the intake of folate or folic acid  also.  They are present in egg, banana, orange,  green leafy vegetables ,black eyed peas and peanut butter.
  • Beet is ideal food which stimulates hemoglobin production. This helps in reactivating  and regenerating  the RBC.

Water melon is the iron fruit. This fruit rehydrates the body and provides the essential iron. Now,we have good reasons to go and grab them this season.

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