Summers are almost here, and so is the season of scorching heat and excessive sweat. However, this time, instead of becoming a victim of the summer heat and the many summer health problems, become a champion and enjoy this season. Follow these 8 most effective summer health tips recommended by Luna Jaiswal best dietician in India, and turn around this season in your favour.


  • Dhaage Wali Mishri: Your Summer Sugar Alternative

Use Dhaage wali Mishri in summers. Substitute your regular table sugar with it and see the difference. It is easily digestible and is known for leaving a cooling effect in the body that helps you beat the summer heat. It also energises your body, calms your mind and alleviates stress and anxiety.

  • Curd, But The One Set in Matka

Yoghurt or curd is probably the lightest and most effective fuel for your body during the summer season. Acting as an excellent pre and probiotic meal, curd helps hydrate your body and boost energy levels. However, always remember to set curd in an earthen pot or Matka. The earthen pot balances the inherent acidic nature of the curd and adds sweetness to it, making it perfect for summers.

  • Refreshing Summer Drinks With Sabja Seeds

If summers bring you scorching heat, it also brings you hydrating and refreshing drinks to beat that summer heat. Some of the best Indian drinks you can add to your diet are Bel Sherbet, Jaljeera, Coconut water, Rose Sherbet, Khas Sherbet, Shikanji, Gulkand Doodh, Chaas or Buttermilk, Saunf drink, Sattu drink, Aam Panna, Kokum Sherbet, Thandai and Ragi Malt.

Do not forget to add soaked Sabja seeds to all your summer drinks. Sabja seeds help reduce body heat and soothe your stomach in the season.

  • Kairi and Pudina: Your Best Friends

Kairi, Kacha Aam or Raw Mango, this highly beneficial summer fruit is known by many names. Kairi is one of the best fruits for summers as it helps protect your body from intense heat and dehydration while also boosting your energy levels. Another naturally cooling and refreshing herb for summers is mint or Pudina. It helps to keep lethargy at bay while battling summer heatwaves effectively.

Use both these excellent summer foods in your diet. Make Chutney with Kairi and Pudina or a delicious Aam Panna to devour its benefits.

  • First Kakdi, Then Cucumbers

Two of the most water-rich fruits found in India are cucumber and Kakdi. Both of these fruits keep digestion in check, detoxify the body and promote hydration, thereby serving as the ideal fruits for the summer season. However, one rule you must abide by while consuming Kakdi and Cucumber is to eat Kakdi first. Do not miss out on this extraordinary fruit!

The season of Kakdi comes before cucumber and should be enjoyed thoroughly before indulging in the cucumber season. Also, do not forget to add some Jeera or cumin powder when you eat these fruits for extra heat protection during summers.

  • Summer Fruits: Eat While They Last

Some more fruits that you should not miss out on in summers are Shehtooth, Kharbooja or Melons, Mangoes, Watermelons, Plum, Falsa, Peach, Cherries, Guavas, Litchis, Grapes, Bael and Jamun. The key to staying healthy in summers is to eat cooling and hydrating fruits that are local, seasonal and regional.

  • No Carbs = Troubling Summers

Many people completely cut out carbs from their diet to lose weight. However, it is not an ideal decision. Carbs are necessary, especially during the summer season. When eaten in moderation, they act as fuel that keeps your body moving. They help utilise the water intake more effectively and provide energy to the body.

  • Natural Hydration With Matka Water

Earthen pot or Matka is a natural way to keep your water cool. Therefore, make sure to drink enough Matka water so that your body stays optimally hydrated. You can also add cooling herbs to your water, such as lemon wedges, mint leaves, Khus root, etc.

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