Welcome to Addlife, where nutrition meets vitality! At Addlife, we embrace a food-first approach to nourishment, ensuring your body receives the best care it deserves. Today, we address the age-old question – should you take nutritional supplements or not? Let’s delve into the expert insights of Dt Luna Jaiswal and find the answers you seek.

Understanding the Truth about Nutritional Supplements

Dt Luna Jaiswal emphasises that not all nutritional supplements are absorbed by our bodies and are necessary. You should always follow a food-first approach focused on fulfilling deficiencies through natural sources. Natural foods contain the required vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health. By prioritising nutrient-dense foods, you empower your body to absorb and utilise these vital elements efficiently.

The Impact of Modern Lifestyle on Nutrition

However, it is important to note that lifestyle has changed considerably in today’s fast-paced world and both the food and nutrient absorption are not the same.

Stress, compromised sleep, unhealthy eating habits, increased pollution levels, soil degradation, and elevated production of genetically modified foods are all affecting our bodies and not fulfilling our nutritional needs.

When Supplements Become Essential

These lifestyle and environmental changes may make it challenging for certain individuals to meet all their nutritional requirements solely through food. If you are also one of these people, don’t hesitate to consult a health practitioner for guidance.

A health practitioner will assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable supplements if needed. He/she may also recommend a scanned test to help identify deficiencies in certain cases, for better evaluation.

Remember, “The key is to understand your deficiencies and then take appropriate action.”, as advised by Dt Jaiswal.

Taking professional guidance ensures that you make informed decisions and avoid over-supplementation that can lead to adverse effects.

See Supplement As A Temporary Measure

At Addlife, we believe that supplementation should always be seen as a short-term solution. You should always aim at improving your lifestyle and incorporating nutrient-dense foods, so you can reduce or eliminate the need for nutritional supplements.

As Dt Jaiswal puts it, “Taking a supplement should never be a substitute for healthy habits.”

A Final Word

In conclusion, embrace a healthier lifestyle, priorities nutrient-dense foods and choose supplements wisely, so you can move toward the path of optimal health.

Remember, a happy body = happy life!

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