What is better than a party? If you ask us, we would say a hangover-free morning the next day. Nothing kills the party fun than the splitting headache and the feeling of nausea that you experience after parties. No one wants to go to the office with groggy eyes and their heads spinning. But, how do you balance these two extreme ends: long parties and no hangover? The answer is simple, by following Addlife tips and remedies for your hangover.

However, before we tell you the secret kitchen items that can rescue you from these dreadful hangovers, let’s understand why you experience hangovers. When you drink alcohol, your body dehydrates and causes headache, vomiting, nausea, etc. This dehydration may also cause low blood sugar levels and inflammation in your body, further making your hangover worse. Now, if you think about it, then the only key to alleviate hangover symptoms is rehydration. Water is obviously your best bet. However, here we are going to tell you three more foods that will help you combat hangover symptoms effectively.

Home Remedies For Hangover

  • Coconut Water:

Alcohol acts as a diuretic and dehydrates your body by increasing urination. Coconut water not only helps to rehydrate your body but also replenish your lost electrolytes. It is also rich in all the vital nutrients, thereby helping you recover your energy after a hangover. Therefore, Addlife suggests keeping coconut water in your fridge when you plan to party.

  • Bananas:

With dehydration, your body starts losing potassium, an excellent source of electrolytes. As bananas are loaded with potassium along with other electrolytes, they are one of the best remedies for hangovers. They help bring back all the lost energy of your body and make you feel better after a hangover. Therefore, if you wake up and find yourself in a terrible hangover, simply take some bananas and eat them.

  • Nimbu Pani:

The good old Nimbu Pani is the best grandmother’s remedy for dehydration and hangovers. The Vitamin C present in lemons not only helps to rehydrate your body but also aids in removing harmful toxins from your liver. It also makes you feel relaxed and energized after a late-night party. You can easily make Nimbu Pani by squeezing half a lemon or adding 4-5 lemon slices in one glass of water. To add more flavour to your morning hangover remedy, you may also infuse this water with the powers of Pudina or mint leaves and a dash of rock salt.

Addlife Tip:

What’s better than curing hangovers is preventing one! You get hangovers because your body dehydrates due to alcohol consumption. If you keep yourself hydrated during parties, you will keep hangovers at bay. So, from now on, we suggest that you drink some water after every two drinks.

Hangover Cures: Water after 2 drinks keeps hangovers at the brink!

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