The life of children in the pandemic has become far more hectic than ever before. With back to back online classes and no outdoor activities, they feel completely drained out. Online classes may have brought kids back to school life but virtual classrooms have brought more devastating consequences in their lives.

Have you wondered what hours of screen time do to the eyesight of your kids? Kids nowadays have become more susceptible to vision problems and weaker eyesight. It has ruined their body posture and no outdoor activities have led to weaker bones and muscles. After all, this is the age of the development and growth of both bones and muscles. Now the question is how do we fight these problems?

Nutrition, in these times, becomes our knight in shining armour. Especially in these primitive years, nutrition is extremely important. With proper nutrition for kids, we might be able to combat the detrimental effects of the current lifestyle of our children and enhance the levels of nutrients in their body. Now, we know how we might be able to aid in the growth of our kids. The question, however, remains that with such lifestyle habits, how do we make healthy food for kids to eat it?



  • Eyesight can be improved and vision problems may be resolved by including carotenoids in the diet. There are many healthy food for kids which are rich in carotenoids that one may include in the meals quite easily, such as black grapes, tomatoes, apricots, beetroots and carrots. Almonds are also known to be extremely effective to maintain good eyesight.
  • Fun-Tip: Did you know you can improve their eyesight with a tasty mixture of moti saunf, dhaage-wali mishri and grated coconut? Serve this to your kids 2-3 times a day to add flavours to their mouth and better vision to their eyes.

Stronger Bones and Muscles: Healthy Snacks Options for our Little Superheroes

here are some healthy snacks options for our little superheroes.

  • We all know that milk and milk-derived products are the keys to stronger bones. They are rich in calcium which is the most important nutrient for the growth of bones and muscles. But did you know there are many healthy food for kids which has more calcium-rich options such as ragi, makhana, moth beans, chickpeas, fig and white til? Include these in the diet of your kids to make them stronger. these are the best Snacks for kids.
  • Cheena is the most wonderful milk-derived product that you can include in the diet of your kids. It has one of the highest bioavailability for vegetarians and can be made into some very tasty snacks. Don’t forget to use the residual Whey Water. It is highly rich in proteins and minerals. Knead the dough with it to enhance the level of nutrients in your chapatis.
  • Calcium goes hand-in-hand with Vitamin D. It is anyway important for the kids but it is most important for efficient absorption of calcium. What better way to absorb Vitamin D than sunlight! Make sure your kids spend at least an hour in the sunlight.

 Trick your kids with tasty but nutritious healthy snacks:

Some trick your kids with tasty but nutritious Snacks for kids.

  • Paneer is highly rich in calcium. Make Palak-Paneer wraps and serve with amchur water or chutney to add flavours to it. Your kids will love it!
  • Wondering how to serve Cheena? Cheena Tikki and Cheena Sandwiches are not only nutritious but also delicious. You can also serve Cheena with gur, honey, mishri or chopped fruits during snacks-time.
  • Ragi Dosa and Ragi Idli can bring a variety to your breakfast menu and new flavours for the kids. Kids loves Dosa and it is healthy too that’s why it comes under the category of healthy Snacks for kids, Problem Solved!
  • White Til is probably most tricky to serve. Just sprinkle some of it on any dish you make. They will never know and it will add an invisible flavour to the dish.

Proper Growth of Saplings Lead to Fruitful Trees: Diet and Tips for Growth of our Saplings

  • Ensuring proper growth without physical activities is a daunting task. But by including necessary nutrients for growth, we can make sure that the bodies and minds of our kids grow properly. Iron and protein-rich food are most important to aid the growth of our children. There are numerous Snacks for kids with high levels of iron and protein content, such as green vegetables, rajma, chana, beetroot, methi, flax seeds and pomegranate and banana. You can easily include them in the diet.
  • However, the food product I would like to emphasize here the most is Kala Chana. Highly rich in protein and iron, this could be extremely effective in the growth of children.

Fun Trick: Make Chana-Chaat for snacks and Chana-Kebab for dinners to serve the iron-rich chana to the kids. Kebabs are the favourite of every kid and Chaat in snacks is what they always ask for.

  • Iron cannot be fully absorbed without a dose of Vitamin C. During Covid-19 pandemic, Vitamin-C has become even more important for kids. It is rich in antioxidants that enhance the immune systems of children. Let’s keep our kids safe and absorb iron well with Vitamin C. Serve them an amla murabba every morning for breakfast and a bowl of fruit-chaat. Don’t forget to include citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, kiwi and sweet lime in it.

Healthy-Tip: Serve amla powder mixed with honey post lunch for the most effective dose of Vitamin C.

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