Eating is not a simple affair. It’s also about feeding your feelings, each time you reach for food to satiate your different moods, it becomes emotional eating. Food cravings lead to eating high caloric food in larger quantities which thwart all your weight loss efforts, which needs to be restricted.
Here are some tips which help……

  • Keep healthy snack around. Fresh fruits, chopped veggies , low fat yoghurt , small amount of nuts and seeds , bhunna channa etc are the best options .
  • Avoid artificial sweetener .Even being calorie free these chemicals added to your diet aggravate your sweet tooth so avoid diet soda and drinks also.
  • Packaged, processed and instant foods are very convenient but we pay a price for it. A lot of fat, salt and extra sugar are added to it .By avoiding these we gradually reduce our sugar dependence.
  • Eat a big breakfast. Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest cause for food craving through out the day. Eating light dinner will ensure that you are hungry in the morning, then it becomes easier to eat a nice and healthy breakfast next morning.
  • Eat every 3 hours. One of the biggest culprit of psychological craving is drop in the blood sugar level. Frequent eating helps in reducing food cravings associated with PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) also.
  • Eat carbs, protein and little fat at every meal. Protein and fat take longer to digest than carbs do, so including them along with more fiber in any meal means that you will feel satisfied longer. • Do not stock your house with indulgent food that tempts you.
  • Its proven that after a good workout whether its yoga or any form of exercise your food cravings are suppressed due to release of feel good hormone.

Recognizing the basic reason for craving makes it easier to beat it.