Dieters believe that all carbohydrates are bad and should be avoided on a weight loss diet. But that is not the truth we have good carbohydrates that helps us lose weight and fight food cravings.

The benefits of taking good carbohydrates are …….

  • Good carbs are rich in fiber which is the magic word for weight loss it holds water and works like an sponge. Whole grain has three parts – bran, germ and starchy endosperm, while refined foods are stripped off bran and germ which takes away nearly all the fiber and nutrients.
    Soluble fiber present in guargum , psyllium husk , skin of apple , oat bran and most fruits and vegetables helps remove toxin ,controls appetite , delays the absorption of sugar and improves satiety .
  • Good carbs are generally low on glycemic index which does not cause sudden rise in blood sugar
  • They are rich in vitamins , minerals and most importantly phytonutrients.
  • They are generally low on calorie and fat also.
  • They prevent from various diseases i.e. heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Carbohydrates derived from cereals are chief source of energy in our diet. Our food mainly consists of bread , roti , pasta , noodles , biscuits , idlis , dosas etc. They are all made up of wheat and rice. We lack awareness about other good cereals i.e. oats , bajra , ragi , jowar which are higher on fiber and minerals.

Bad carbohydrates are commonly found in refined and processed food like white bread , white rice , sugar and sugary drinks , flour biscuits , pizza , burger , pastries , naan , roomali roti , noodles etc. These borrow a greater amount of vitamin B to get metabolized and give back nothing in return. This form of carbohydrate create mineral imbalance in the body so they are best avoided for losing weight.

So, for optimum health get your grains intact from food i.e. whole wheat bread , brown rice , whole grain pasta , jowar , bajra , jau , fruits and vegetables , nuts and beans.

A proper meal with fewer calorie and good carbohydrates is a good deal for weight loss. Choose good carbs, not no carbs .