We often hear people say that the gut is the doorway to a healthy life. But, what exactly is it about the gut that makes it so important? Before we unlock the mystery of a healthy gut, let’s understand what gut is and why gut health is so important and further we discuss good gut health foods. Approximately 30 feet long, this crucial system of the body starts from the oesophagus and ends at the rectum. Yes, you read it right! Not only does it constitute most of the vital organs of the body, but it is the home to the two organs that control our digestive system i.e. small intestine and large intestine.

The small intestine does the absorption of nutrients whereas the large intestine takes over the absorption of water. The large intestine also takes the responsibility to digest fibre from the undigested food passed down by the small intestine. This function is performed by gut microbiomes, the gatekeepers of the doorway we discussed above. Gut microbiomes are extremely important to maintain the gut health of the person. But the question is why do we need to prioritise gut health over anything?

  • It doesn’t matter what you are ingesting until it is absorbed and assimilated into your body. Your gut takes care of it and makes sure the food ingested is properly absorbed. A healthy gut indicates good metabolism.
  • Diseases are equivalent to the level of toxins accumulation in the body. Removal of toxins is essential to prevent diseases in the body. Your gut is responsible for the removal of these toxins.
  • Better absorption and assimilation of nutrients guarantees enhanced immunity. Good gut health will increase your immunity power and prevent many diseases.

Now you know why your gut health is so important. So, let’s learn some secret tips by best dietician in Lucknow,  for healthy gut that will aid you in maintaining your gut health.

Food For Your Gut Health:

These are some gut health foods listed below.

  • Breakfast: Make your breakfast delicious and gut-friendly with Idli, Ragi ka Chilla and Poha. Dahi Poha with Kala Namak or jaggery can get your guts into gear. You can also eat a nutritious bowl of Chenna mixed with fruits to make your gut stronger and healthier. The best-kept secret of gut health lies in a glass of Beetroot Kanji, the Indian Kombucha, that you can take with your breakfast to mix flavours and healthy nutrients.
  • Lunch: Nothing works wonders for your gut, other than khichdi and curd-rice. You can load your khichdi with veggies and have it with some delicious pickles to make it tastier. Achaars are one of the best ways to boost your digestion and gut health. Khicdi comes under one of the best gut health foods.
  • Dinner: Make your dinner light and nutritious and shower some love to your gut. You may eat Dahi ka Aloo with rice or Moong Dal with rice for a fulfilling yet light dinner.

Home Remedies and Tips for Healthy Gut:

Following are some home remedies for gut health by best dietician in India .

The wonders of Kanji: Ferment your rice overnight in an earthen pot and make kanji with it in the morning. Just 2-3 spoons of kanji will act as an elixir to your gut. In summers, rice kanji is your saviour whereas, in winters, beetroot kanji comes to your aid.

  • Pudina Juice: Drink 2 tbsp of pudina juice in the morning everyday to keep your gut healthy and strong.
  • The Marvel Concoction: Brew Saunf, Ajwain and Jeera in 1 litre of water and sip it throughout the day to keep your gut happy and healthy.
  • The Secret Door to Gut Health: Many people know the benefits of having curd and buttermilk but what many people don’t know is that they must have it 15-20 minutes after lunch, for the most effective results. Chaas is also the best remedy to enhance your immunity.
  • Lukewarm Water: Don’t underestimate the might of lukewarm water in your life. Whenever you feel heavy, drink lukewarm water. It not only makes you feel better but also aids in digestion and improves your gut health.
  • The Unforgettable Basic: We have been reading this since childhood, “you must chew your food properly”. It is not just a phrase to advocate good habits but is the most important thing to maintain gut health. Listen to your body and eat only as much as it requires. Chew properly, don’t eat less and avoid overeating at any cost!
  • The Indian Way: Try to eat your food while sitting in an aalthi-palthi position. It ensures better digestion and aids in maintaining good gut health.
  • Say No to Gadgets: Make it a habit that while eating, you are not going to use any gadget. Only when you feel and smell the food, you develop the required enzymes for absorption and improve your gut health.
  • Say Hello to Achaars: Not only do Achaars, Chutneys and Kimchis make your meals tasty and lip-smacking, but they also vastly help in improving your gut health. In this summer season, Kairi (raw mango) is your best friend for some delicious Achaars and Chutneys.

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