Covid-19 is at its peak in India. The second wave of Covid-19 is far more gruesome. Either you are someone who has contracted the disease and is fighting it, or you are the one who is constantly concerned to prevent it. The path to recovery and the journey of prevention both require a balanced diet. Why? A nutritious diet can be the medicine you didn’t know existed. An efficient diet can enhance your immunity and get your body ready to fight the disease. From carbohydrates to proteins, your body needs all the nutrients to survive these tough times. So, you need to have a diet full of Immunity booster.


  1. Early Morning:
    • Drink at least 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water after waking up.
    • Begin your day with dry fruits and nuts: 4 almonds, 3 halves of walnuts, 6 raisins and 4-5 raw pistachios. Don’t forget to soak them overnight. They are rich in Zinc and Vitamin C and soaking them overnight increases their nutritional value. You may also take ½ well-soaked amla murabba in the morning or amla powder mixed with jaggery or honey.
    • A herbal concoction is the best holistic remedy, especially if you are recovering from Covid-19. You may brew some Tulsi leaves with Mulethi, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and star anise for a perfect morning herbal tea.
  2. Breakfast:
    • Breakfast needs to be healthy and nutritious. It needs to contain a perfect amount of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibres. It will not only aid in the removal of toxins but also strengthen the body.
    • Keeping this in mind, you may choose any of the following breakfast options:
      • Ragi Chilla or Moong Dal Chilla with Chutney
      • Poha/ Vermicelli with vegetables/ Salted Dalia/ Idli with Chutney/ Upma/ Sabudane ki khichdi
      • 2 toasted sandwiches filled with veggies. You may also include hung curd, cheese or paneer in the filling.
      • A bowl of sprouts or Chana Chaat
  3. Post-Breakfast:
    • Eat some cashews with a healthy drink. You may choose any of the following.
      • Ginger-Honey Tea
      • Herbal Tea made from saunf, ajwain, cumin seeds, ginger, tulsi leaves and mint. These are natural immunity booster.
      • Sattu drink
      • Buttermilk or rose sherbet
    • Eat a healthy bowl of seasonal fruits, at least half an hour prior to lunch.
  4. Lunch:
    • Lunch needs to be light, but nutritious. It needs to be rich in ghee. Ghee not only enhances the immunity powers of the body but also strengthens the muscles and removes toxins from the body.
    • You may choose any of these options for your lunch:
      • Moong Dal with rice and a light vegetable
      • Khichdi with chutney and curd
      • 2 chapatis with a bowl of dal and a light vegetable
      • You may also drink a glass of buttermilk after having lunch.
    • Include leafy vegetables and beetroot in your diet. Rich in Nitric oxide, they are the best vasodilators to help treat Covid-19.
  5. Post-Lunch:
    • Drink some coconut water with 1 tsp of sunflower seeds and 1 or 2 dates. They are rich in Omega-3 and are extremely essential during recovery.
  6. Evening Snacks:
    • Have a cup of tea, green tea or coffee. You may include any of these light snacks options with your evening tea.
      • A bowl of Makhana and 1 tbsp of peanuts
      • 1 small bowl of Laiyya namkeen
      • 1 toast with 1 boiled egg
      • And 1 toast with Cheena
  7. Pre-Dinner:
    • A thin vegetable soup. Rich in antioxidants, this will aid in digestion. Good digestion is the key to enhanced immunity.
  8. Dinner:
    • Dinner should always be light. Covid patients need to be more cautious about it as it will aid in recovery. This will help your body detoxify well and also aid you to sleep better.
    • You may take 1-2 chapatis or a bowl of rice with a bowl of moong dal in your dinner. You may also take Dalia ki khichdi, loaded with veggies and chutney. Don’t forget to add ghee to your dinner.
  9. Post-Dinner:
    •  Eat 4 munakka with Haldi Doodh or herbal tea. You may add crushed Kalimirch to your Haldi Doodh to boost your immunity powers. Turmeric and pepper are a few of the best natural agents to boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

This is the Diet Plan For Covid-19 Patients during home isolation.


Diet-plan for covid -19
  • You can add honey to your herbal tea. Honey is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents. Remember to not add honey to drinks with temperatures more than 40° Celsius. This will destroy its nutritional value.
  • Green Tea should be added to water with a temperature between 70-75° Celsius, for the most optimal nutritional value.
  • People who are on the path of recovery should eat Cheena at least 4-5 times a week. It is one of the best home remedies to fight Covid-19.
  • The best options for fat during these times are Ghee, Mustard Oil and cold-pressed Groundnut Oil. However, if you have a fever, consume only Ghee or butter.
  • Covid-19 is an inflammatory disease. To pacify the effects of the diseases, anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, honey and cinnamon are a must.
  • Carbohydrates are the most essential component while recovering. Your body needs strength to fight the virus. Include good carbohydrates in your diet such as rice, whole grains, ragi, sabudana, amaranth, daliya and aloo.
  • You must include proteins with good bioavailability such as Cheena, dals, legumes, chicken, fish and paneer. This will help you fight post-covid fatigue.
  • While recovering from this fatal disease, fruits play one of the most important roles. Fruits such as pineapple, kiwi, orange, pomegranate, watermelon and apple are highly beneficial.
  • You must eat easily digestible food as they reduce inflammation and bloating. And since you will be spending most of your day taking bed rest, these are the best options.
  • Adequate sleep is probably the most important element of recovery. Why? Researchers show that quality sleep strengthens the immune system of the body and lack of sleep is detrimental to the defensive system of the body.
  • Sunlight is rich in Vitamin D, which triggers the immunity powers of the body. Soak in sunlight for at least 10-15 minutes daily. Better if you sit under the morning sun!
  • Hydration is the key to quick recovery and reduced infection. Fluids accelerate the rate of recovery. You may take fluids in a variety of ways including coconut water, barley water, carrot and ginger juice, thin vegetable soup and chaas. But remember nothing works wonders like water. Drink plenty of water and detoxify your body. Boost your immunity system with water. Make sure to have at least 1L of warm water every day.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to have steam. Steam is extremely efficient in killing this virus. Have it at least twice a day.

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