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The pre dawn meal or sehri

The pre dawn meal or sehri gives energy for the day . In this sweltering weather right choices of food will nourish , hydrate & prepare the body to cope with the fast .

  • Food with high satiety and low glycemic index keep you full longer . Whole meal Chapati is a great choice along with salad and fruit as they release energy over a period of time and help prevent fatigue and lethargy.
  • Choose protein in the form of egg or curd or milk as these protein choices will not make you thirsty throughout the day . Adding elaichi to your milk or curd is a good idea.
  • Avoid too much spice as it can lead to indigestion or heart burn .
  • Soaked nuts should be included in the sehri as they are the powerhouse of energy.
  • Use ghee & avoid refined oil in the morning as ghee is easily digested by the body.
Elaborate spread & overindulgence during Iftar

Elaborate spread & overindulgence during Iftar can lead to physical discomfort. This can be easily managed by making sure you take small portion at a time.

  • It is important to break the fast with few dates. Avoid sherbets with high sugar content as they give you instant energy but results in energy slump instead choose drink made of saunff or tukmalanga or light nimboo pani which can be accompanied with a fruit or channa salad.
  • Choosing complex carbohydrate, lean protein & healthy fat is a good idea. Avoid refined carbohydrate like maida instead choose whole grain like wheat, oats, dalia whole meal flour, potato with skin, vegetables & fruits they not only keep you full but also helps in reliving constipation.
  • Always choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruits & vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals , vitamins & phytonutrients .
  • Pair your carbohydrates with protein like beans, pulses, legumes , skinless chicken , lean meat, egg & low fat dairy and its products to balance the meal. Unsalted nuts are also a good choice.
Meal planning should be in such a way that people fasting do not feel thirsty throughout the day:-

Meal planning should be in such a way that people fasting do not feel thirsty throughout the day:-

  • Avoid hot and spicy dishes which can increase thirst.
  • Too much salt to be avoided. Eating salted fish, pickle or papad increase the body’s need for water.
  • Choose seasonal fruit like muskmelon ,cucumber , watermelon etc. they are rich in water and fiber, they stay in the intestine for a long time and reduce thirst.
  • Choose fresh fruit juices (dilute it with water or cucumber juice and mint leaves) smoothies or summer coolers.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Avoid too much caffeine as they stimulate faster water loss.


People are always debating on what is the smartest , quickest and easiest way to lose weight. Before you deal with weight reduction diet you must have the right attitude towards it. You cannot fight any battle on an empty stomach so do not even try to fight this one.Its simple if basic rules are followed. Here are they…


    Eating every 2-3 hours is a good way to boost up your metabolism and reduce hunger pangs but check the portion.


    Choose dishes which are stir fried , roasted , grilled or steamed. Do not exceed oil intake by 2 1/2tsp per day.


    It’s a good idea to take 5-6 servings of seasonal vegetables as they not only add variety to the diet but also provides vitamins and minerals along with fibre.


    Consume not less than 2 litres of water as they help in removing toxins , improves muscle tone. Add veg. soup and coconut water.


    It is the magic word for weight loss. Choose whole grain cereal , oats , pasta , jowar , whole pulses , fruits , and plenty of vegetables.


    It takes twenty minutes for our brain to register that its full , so chew your food properly to avoid over stuffing and get optimum nutrition.


    Eat enough high quality protein i.e. toned milk , curd , paneer , chicken , fish , egg , nuts ,beans and legumes.


    Take light dinner as our metabolism slows down at night.


    Physical exercise builds lean tissue that demands more from your metabolism raising the BMR.


    This will help you to eat in a disciplined way.

You cannot fight any battle on an empty stomach so do not even try to fight this one.



Dieters believe that all carbohydrates are bad and should be avoided on a weight loss diet. But that is not the truth we have good carbohydrates that helps us lose weight and fight food cravings.

The benefits of taking good carbohydrates are …….

  • Good carbs are rich in fiber which is the magic word for weight loss it holds water and works like an sponge. Whole grain has three parts – bran, germ and starchy endosperm, while refined foods are stripped off bran and germ which takes away nearly all the fiber and nutrients.
    Soluble fiber present in guargum , psyllium husk , skin of apple , oat bran and most fruits and vegetables helps remove toxin ,controls appetite , delays the absorption of sugar and improves satiety .
  • Good carbs are generally low on glycemic index which does not cause sudden rise in blood sugar
  • They are rich in vitamins , minerals and most importantly phytonutrients.
  • They are generally low on calorie and fat also.
  • They prevent from various diseases i.e. heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Carbohydrates derived from cereals are chief source of energy in our diet. Our food mainly consists of bread , roti , pasta , noodles , biscuits , idlis , dosas etc. They are all made up of wheat and rice. We lack awareness about other good cereals i.e. oats , bajra , ragi , jowar which are higher on fiber and minerals.

Bad carbohydrates are commonly found in refined and processed food like white bread , white rice , sugar and sugary drinks , flour biscuits , pizza , burger , pastries , naan , roomali roti , noodles etc. These borrow a greater amount of vitamin B to get metabolized and give back nothing in return. This form of carbohydrate create mineral imbalance in the body so they are best avoided for losing weight.

So, for optimum health get your grains intact from food i.e. whole wheat bread , brown rice , whole grain pasta , jowar , bajra , jau , fruits and vegetables , nuts and beans.

A proper meal with fewer calorie and good carbohydrates is a good deal for weight loss. Choose good carbs, not no carbs .



Exams are really exhausting. Each parent would want their child to stay physically and mentally healthy throughout the time . Good nutrients generally slides away from the priority list which is not correct it should be a part of your study plan. Here are some tips to eat well during exam …

• Take lots of fresh foods close to their natural state such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouted pulses, fish and egg.
• In order to keep your brain sharp avoid eating wrong fat i.e. hydrogenated fat, trans fat and too much of saturated fat. Choose the right ones like ghee , butter (in moderation ) extra virgin olive oil , flaxseed oil , mustard oil etc . Walnut, almond , soybean , fish , mustard seed and pumpkin seed are also good sources of omega 3 fatty acids .
• Avoid junk, high salt and poor nutrient food which weakens your memory power. Eat nutrient dense and anti oxidant rich food .
• Choose dark coloured veggies for the antioxidants. Broccoli , spinach , papaya , dark grapes , pomegranate , jamun , citrus fruits , capsicum , tomato , beet root and bell peppers are good choices .
• Iron deficiency can contribute to shortened attention span, lower intelligence and inability to concentrate, as this nutrient helps transfer oxygen to brain cells. Good sources are lean meat, beans, jaggery ,gingelly seed spinach , cereals , munnakka, banana etc .
• Have healthy drinks like bournvita , horlicks , hot chocolate , complan with milk or soy milk instead of tea and coffee as they are stimulant and cause sleep disturbance and anxiety along with muscular tension . Crushed badam and kesar mixed in milk could be a good substitute.
• Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric is known to boost up memory , it is a good idea to include haldi- milk at bed time.
• Breakfast is essential for providing the fuel the brain needs after fasting all night. Good options are stuffed chapati with curd , sandwich with egg or sprouts , frankie with vegetables or spinach and cottage cheese filling , kala channa chat with veg sandwich , moong daal chila with veg sandwich , cereal with milk , baked bean on toast , scramble egg with whole meal bread or baked potato .
• Smart snacking can enhance studying. You can opt for nuts , prunes , figs , toast with peanut butter , whole grain cracker , energy bar , popcorn , banana or whole fruit.
• Proteins activate neurotransmitter and stimulate memory. Low fat yoghurt, paneer, nuts, milk, sprouts, fish, chicken, beans and legumes are good choices.
• Often fatigue and mild headache is sign that you are getting dehydrated so keep yourself hydrated with water, fresh fruit juices, green tea etc.



Nature has its own way to keep the body warm. Certain foods have warming effect on our body which is known as diet induced thermognesis , while few are suitable for the season. Here are they…….

• Til : Both black and white til are well known to provide heat after digestion so include its chikki or laddos[preferably with jaggery] and gajak in your diet.
• Amla has highest content of vitamin C. 100gms of amla has 600mg of vitamin C. Nuts rich in selenium and vitamin E are great mood lifters
• Natural live yoghurt contains active living bacterial culture which is vital for good digestion and boosts immune system also.
• Natural sweetener like honey, jaggery and fruit sugar is preferred instead of refined sugar. Honey is helpful against infection and diseases.
• Fish and eggs provide vitamin D as well as essential fatty acids to keep us warm.
• Seeds like sunflower seeds provide heat after digestion.
Use of Spices like turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and fenugreek seeds are beneficial.
Have seasonal fruits and vegetables in abundance for vitamins and minerals.
Increase your liquid intake in form of herbal tea and hot vegetable soups with herbs .
Include good carbs like whole grain whole wheat, jowar , bajra, jau, ragi or brown rice. Lack of iron makes you feel cold , bajra is rich in iron.



Good skin is the best make up. No matter what we apply externally on our skin but if it is not fed properly from within it is still not going to look as beautiful as it should. A good complexion is something that most women desire. So here are some tips which will make your skin glow ………

• Do not keep unrealistic weight loss goals as it spoils your skin in bargain.
• Food loaded with preservative and stabilizers cannot give a healthy glow. So minimize intake of processed, preserved and fast food .
• Cut down on too much of sugar as they tend to age your skin.
• Water is important for your body to perform biochemical processes. The best time to take water is as soon as you wake up which cleans your system. Water is best taken in between meal gaps. Sipping warm water an hour after meal keeps the digestion going especially after an oily meal.
• Over consumption of tea and coffee damages the skin. Green or herbal tea is a great substitute, which has excellent antioxidants.
• A healthy liver is essential for a healthy skin . Clean your liver by vegetable juices, low fat and high fiber diet. A mixture of carrot, tomato and beetroot juice is a good liver cleanser.
• Flaxseed, walnut and fish are rich in zinc and omega 3 fatty acids which reduces dryness and inflammation. Inflammation causes the skin to age faster. Zinc is helpful in assisting new cell production and sloughing off the dead skin. Keep flaxseed, sunflower seed and sesame seed handy so that you can sprinkle over stir fries, salads, vegetables etc to keep up the intake of EFA’s.
• Vitamin K is an all star antioxidant which is essential for a new cell growth so include egg yolk, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, fish oil, grapefruit, prunes and sprouts in your diet.
• Yoghurt is a miracle food for skin. It improves digestion and immune system. A good skin is a reflection of a good digestive system.
• Cod liver oil, sweet potato, egg yolk, dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, papaya have Vitamin A which aids in development and maintenance of skin cell. A deficiency of which will lead to a dry skin.
• Citrus fruits, tomato, bell pepper and all berries are rich in Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that mops up free radicals.
• Foods like olive, olive oil, mustard oil , flax seed oil , almond ,avocados have good fat apart from improving your skin they take care of your nail , hair , muscles and all your cellular function.

You can never improve your skin without good night sleep and moderate exercise .

So , eat well , look good and keep your skin healthy from inside out.



Eating is not a simple affair. It’s also about feeding your feelings, each time you reach for food to satiate your different moods, it becomes emotional eating. Food cravings lead to eating high caloric food in larger quantities which thwart all your weight loss efforts, which needs to be restricted.
Here are some tips which help……

• Keep healthy snack around. Fresh fruits, chopped veggies , low fat yoghurt , small amount of nuts and seeds , bhunna channa etc are the best options .
• Avoid artificial sweetener .Even being calorie free these chemicals added to your diet aggravate your sweet tooth so avoid diet soda and drinks also.
• Packaged, processed and instant foods are very convenient but we pay a price for it. A lot of fat, salt and extra sugar are added to it .By avoiding these we gradually reduce our sugar dependence.
• Eat a big breakfast. Skipping breakfast is one of the biggest cause for food craving through out the day. Eating light dinner will ensure that you are hungry in the morning, then it becomes easier to eat a nice and healthy breakfast next morning.
• Eat every 3 hours. One of the biggest culprit of psychological craving is drop in the blood sugar level. Frequent eating helps in reducing food cravings associated with PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) also.
• Eat carbs, protein and little fat at every meal. Protein and fat take longer to digest than carbs do, so including them along with more fiber in any meal means that you will feel satisfied longer. • Do not stock your house with indulgent food that tempts you.
• Its proven that after a good workout whether its yoga or any form of exercise your food cravings are suppressed due to release of feel good hormone.

Recognizing the basic reason for craving makes it easier to beat it.


Bones form the basis of a healthy life. We generally relate calcium alone to bone health and rely too much on dairy products . Here is more to bone health than just dairy products intake…

• Talking about bone health is incomplete without calcium. Dairy products are rich in calcium. Calcium in milk is better absorbed because lysine and lactose enhance its absorption.
Other calcium rich foods are ragi , til , beans , tofu , green vegetables , broccoli .
• Vitamin D stimulates the formation of calcium binding protein that enhance calcium absorption .Body synthesizes Vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Other sources are fortified milk , cheese , eggs , fortified cereals , cream , butter , fish , shrimp , cod liver oil .
• Include Vitamin K in your diet by eating green leafy vegetables , broccoli , brussel sprouts , dark green lettuce , soybean , oats and wheat germ .
• Magnesium plays an important role in regulating calcium levels in the bone as its deficiency affects calcium metabolism. Magnesium is found in nuts , whole grain, sea food , legumes , tofu , mustard green , turnip , cucumber , green beans and celery .
• Fruits and vegetables strengthen bones . They are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and many more nutrients. Being alkaline in nature they do not encourage urinary loss of calcium.
• Including black beans , kidney beans ,white beans , black eyed peas or baked beans would boast up the calcium level. • Spice up your food with garlic, cinnamon, parsley, peppermint leaves, basil , thyme , oregano , rosemary to give a calcium boost .
• Small amount of butter, cream, ghee are required for absorption of calcium as they are rich in vitamin D. • Chewing fish bones can also supply calcium.
• For maintaining strong bones exercise is essential . Weight bearing exercise as walking , dancing , jogging , stair climbing , racket sport thrice a week strengthen your bone .



Each time you reach for something to eat to satiate your different mood- anger, fear, sadness, depression- it becomes emotional eating .Beware of it as these comfort foods can be really bad.Food cravings could be due to emotional, hormonal or biochemical reasons. Small number of craving could be a result of food allergy or even nutritional deficiency.

How to reduce them: • Have small and frequent meals .when we skip meals our blood sugar levels falls which results in food craving, over eating and even binges. Females should eat every 3-4hours while males can manage in 4-5hours. Researchers have shown that frequent eating helps in reducing food craving associated with PMS[Pre Menstrual Syndrome] .
• Keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration confuses the body and often makes us feel hungry. It is a good idea to take a glass of water every hour. Stimulants like tea or coffee or caffeinated soft drinks can cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Switch to green or herbal or fennel tea, diluted fresh fruit juice, homemade vegetable soup or buttermilk.
• Never reduce your calorie intake below a safe level.800 calorie diet can only be taken under supervision. Even during weight loss one must not opt for a diet less than 1200 calories. Choose nutrient dense food rather than empty calorie food or drink like soft drinks, candy, ice cream etc.
• Choose low GI[Glycemic Index]food. Choose whole grain bread, brown rice, basmati rice, whole wheat pasta or noodles rather than refined or processed starches.Opt for soluble fiber in apple, oats and beans. Choose plenty of vegetables as they are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals but low in calorie and usually low GI value.
• Over consumption of sugar and salt can make craving worse. Use spices to enhance taste.
• Keep healthy snacks handy i.e. fruits, nuts and seeds, baked tortilla chips or khakras .
• Always combine some fat and protein with your carbohydrate. This will slow the rise of blood sugar from carbohydrates.
• Exercise can suppress food cravings due to the release of endorphins [feel good hormone] into the blood stream.
• By distracting yourself you can combat food craving. When craving attacks divert your mind ,talk to your friend, read the news, go for a walk or drive or go shopping. Stress raises the adrenaline level and makes craving intense. So stay away from it.
Luna Jaiswal



A good cup of tea makes our day. Tea is a popular beverage for many especially Indians. But green tea has been found with several health secrets, also confirmed by the Chinese and Japanese.

Black, oolong and green tea all come from the leaves of Camellia Sinesis.. But we wonder that…. what’s the difference?

Difference lies in the way they are processed. The leaves of green tea are steamed which prevents the anti oxidant compound from being oxidized. In contrast the other tea leaves are made from fermented leaves to increase their shelf life.

Over the last few decades green tea has undergone many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its health benefits.
The presence of Catechin polyphenol esp. EGCg ( epigallocatechin gallate), a powerful antioxidant makes green tea so special.

  • It fights cancer cells. It works in different ways to block the formation and growth of malignant tumour.
  • It lowers LDL,the bad cholesterol & raises HDL, the good cholesterol and is capable of treating cardiovascular disease. It inhibits abnormal formation of blood clot hence is good for your heart.
  • It has been proven that consumption of green tea daily prevents tooth decay. It fights bacteria which are leading cause for plague.
  • Green tea drinkers have lower risk for a wide range of diseases from simple bacterial or viral infection to chromic disease like heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke.
  • It has power to subdue the enzyme that ruins cartilage and helps in keeping away arthritis.
  • Polyphenol’s presence increases immunity to remarkable level.

Green tea and weight loss:
It has come up as a great weight loss tool. It helps burning fat by increasing fat oxidation and by increasing metabolism due to Catechin polyphenol. It has been proven that 4-5 cups helps burn up to 70 calories a day.
But all good things must be taken in moderation. Excessive usage can be detrimental.
So, what’s the delay reach out for that cup of health.”

 Luna Jaiswal



We are generally more concerned about daily protein and carbohydrates intake and tend to neglect other more important nutients. Low level of hemoglobin goes undetected which can very subtly influence your working capacity, can cause dizziness and fatigue.
Haemoglobin is protein component of red blood cells which transports oxygen throughout the body. New red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow as old ones are destroyed by the liver, creating a continuing need for haemoglobin. Women are more prone to iron deficiency anemia but men also need to pay heed………

  • Our body needs iron in order to make haemoglobin. Try to incorporate good amount of iron rich food in your diet…….
  • 100g of raw  chawli has 3.4mg, sarson saag has 16.5 mg , spinach has 1.14 mg, mint has 15.6 mg while 100g of suva has 17.4mg of iron
  • 50 gm of rajmah has 2.5mg ,soybean has  5mg,dry peas contains 3.5mg,moth beans has 4.8 mg while  50 gm of bhunna channa has 4.7 mg of iron.
  • 1 bowl of cooked poha provides 5 mg of iron, 1 bajra roti roti has 2 mg while 1 whole wheat roti has 1mg of iron.
  • 1 tbsp of sunflower seed contains 0 .75mg of iron , 1 tbsp of white til seed provides 1.4mg while 1 tbsp of kala til has 8 mg of iron.
  • 1 cup of dried apricot has 7.2mg, dried peaches have 9.6mg, prunes have  3.8mg, raisins have  5mg  while ¼ cup of cashew has 2.1 mg .2 dried fig has 1 mg of iron.
  • Non vegetarians can get  their fill from meat, poultry and fish as they are richer in haem iron which is absorbed more efficiently than iron obtained from plant sources.
  • Taking vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits, mango,  cabbage, broccoli,  green pepper can help the body to absorb the iron better.
  • Phytates, oxalates and phosphates hinder iron absorption. Coffee, tea contain compound which block the absorption of iron hence they shouldn’t be taken with meal.
  • It is a good idea to increase the intake of folate or folic acid  also.  They are present in egg, banana, orange,  green leafy vegetables ,black eyed peas and peanut butter.
  • Beet is ideal food which stimulates hemoglobin production. This helps in reactivating  and regenerating  the RBC.
Water melon is the iron fruit. This fruit rehydrates the body and provides the essential iron. Now,we have good reasons to go and grab them this season.


No doubt that the monsoon brings relief after the heat for sometime. But rains come with multiple health problems. It reduces our immunity and makes us susceptible to many diseases. While we take certain precautions with water and avoid street food or food prepared in bulk but it’s important to eat correctly.

Here’s few dietary guidelines to stay healthy this season……

  • • Honey is excellent tonic which helps keep the intestine sterile. Constant use of honey strengthens the white blood cells to fight bacterial and viral diseases.
  • • Food that would suit your body at this time are soups, well cooked moong and mosoor dal,old rice ,old wheat ,khichadi with moong dal, cooked oatmeal, fruits and cooked vegetables.
  • • Cut down on watermelon instead eat fruits like mangoes, apple, pear, jamun, pomegranate and sweet lime. For best results eat fruits on an empty stomach.
  • • Use plenty of garlic, ginger, pepper, turmeric, asafoetida, jeera and coriander while cooking as they enhances digestion and improves immunity.
  • • Best food this season can be bitter and astringent vegetables like neem, karela and also cooling food like barley, brown rice and ragi.
  • • Eat moderate quantities, as the body finds it harder to digest food during monsoon.
  • • Snack on grilled bhutta that seems to be everywhere in the rains.
  • • Have steamed salad rather than raw ones as vegetables contain many bacteria which will not die even after washing them.
  • • Amla is best fruit cum herb this season . you can have candies, triphala , powdered amla or even dried grated one, which can also be added to your green tea.
  • • Drink warm beverages. Add mint, tulsi patti or ginger to your tea. You can substitute sugar with honey in green tea. Herbal tea, ginger or lemon tea or fennel tea are great during monsoon.



Though the fibre in food is generally under estimated ,it is important to include them in adequate amount. Eating high fibre diet reduces cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar,obesity, constipation, colitis, colon cancer and even haemorrohids.

Small changes can make big impact on your fibre intake and over all health……

  • • Chose whole grain and its products . many vitamins and minerals are also found in the outer layer so when the bran is removed the vitamins and minerals are lost.
  • • Add beans and lentils to your tossed salad , sauces and soups.
  • • Flaxseed has both soluble and insoluble fibre along with omega 3 fatty acid as well as cancer preventing lignans. Sprinkle ground flaxseed on yoghurt, cereal, salads to increase dietary fibre.
  • • Instead of using artificial supplement , dig into natural fibre foods . They are present in beans, legumes, wholegrain, whole fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and root vegetables.
  • • Almond, walnut and pistachio are not only rich in protein but has fibre as well. Raisins have both soluble and insoluble fibre. Chose them as in between snacks.
  • • Methi seed also has high levels of both the fibres and it’s very effective in reducing the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • • Do not peel the potatoes. The skin is rich in fibre and other nutrients as well.
  • • Eat more fruits for snacks and dessert but limit the intake of fruit juices. Do not forget to eat the skin on fruits as apple and pear.
  • • Including salads with your meals is a good idea. They are highly recommended.
  • • Include barley in your diet. You can switch to channa atta instead of besan .
  • Fibre is a magic word for weight loss as it increases the food volume without increasing the caloric content and provides satiety hence reduces weight. So,single mantra for health is to eat more fibre.



    Dieting has led to be many unhealthy misconceptions about weight loss. There are many myths regarding food ,what  you should eat and when you should you eat .
    Here are few myths and facts regarding diet……..

    • MYTH -One should eat wheat daily to prevent  deficiencies .

    FACT-We already eat too much wheat in our diet. Instead we should try variety of cereals that are good for health such as barley , brown rice , ragi , oats in summers. Jowar and bajra in winters.

    • MYTH – High protein/low carbohydrate diets are  healthy to lose weight.

    FACT- Eating such kind of diet day can lead to the buildup of ketones in your blood which can cause your body to produce high level of uric acid or risk of developing kidney stones .A balanced diet with lesser calorie will also result in weight loss .

    • MYTH- Natural and herbal weight loss products are safe and effective.

    FACT – These can be harmful . Researches have shown the presence of ephedra , which causes health problems .

    • MYTH –There are some magical food that cause weight loss.

    FACT – some food such as celery , grapefruit , cabbage soup are said to burn body fat , which is incorrect. Dietary fibre is the only answer to provide the feeling of fullness with less calorie .

    • MYTH- The less you eat the more weight you will lose.

    FACT- Weight loss achieved through less eating is easily regained . Skipping meals can result in tiredness, poor nutrition and slow metabolism. Best idea is to have all your meals by making smart choices.

    • MYTH- Starches are fattening and should be limited when trying to lose weight .

    FACT- Many foods high in starch are low in fat and calorie, they turn high calorie food when eaten in large portions or when covered with high fat toppings .So , while choosing them pay attention to the portion and choose the ones with high dietary fibre like whole wheat bread , brown rice , oat meal , bran cereal , beans etc
    No single food or diet can help you lose weight. You need to change the way you eat and increase physical activity.



    Christmas and New Year is the time when food , drink and merriment is a rule ,  hence we tend to face bloating , indigestion and weight gain . To remain healthy certain balancing act becomes essential.
    Here are they …

    • Amla improves liver functioning so includes its juice or powder diluted in water on  an empty stomach which aids digestion .
    • Add one tea spoon wheat or oat bran top your roti dough . You can even substitute dalia for rotis as dalia is unrefined flour .
    • Sip hot water throughout the day to aid digestion and flush out toxins . Drink herbal or green tea as they are rich in antioxidants .
    • Drink extra water the following week as many foods consumed during indulgences are higher in sodium.
    • Extra physical activity for a week or so would be helpful.
    • Light dinners are the best way to knock off extra calories as you have indulged enough in previous week.
    • Avoid sugar and diet drinks completely.
    • Include raw tomatoes, carrots and radishes in your diet as they have enzymes which aid digestion.
    • Avoid milk and paneer for few days. To maintain calcium levels add curd (made of skimmed milk), a teaspoon of flaxseed and till in your diet .

    So make resolution this year to follow these rules to remain fit and have fun too.



    Body undergoes tremendous changes once you hit forty. Metabolism slows down , hormone level decline , food craving increases , energy starts declining . Right nutrition helps you to stay in control of your body.

    Here’s how you can help yourself :-

    • • Water retention becomes more serious after the age of 40 . So drink more water . This will flush out extra water as well as toxins. Having oranges and other Vitamin C rich food would also helps i.e. strawberries , grapefruit , lemons , tomatoes , cabbage , parsley etc .
    • • Women need more iron than man . Iron deficiency anemia can cause a lot of health problems , lack of energy or headache. So include rice flakes, dried dates, pumpkin seed, figs, munnaka , soybean ,egg yolk , banana and water melon in your diet.
    • • Include dalia , brown rice , whole grain , jowar , barley , beans , fruits , vegetables, nuts and seeds as they are rich in vital nutrients to fight age related disorders.
    • • Zinc is an important mineral after forty. It helps minimize sugar cravings and also improves immunity. Sources are mushroom , sesame seed , pumpkin seed , wheat germ , wheat bran.
    • • Too much of caffine , soft drinks and alcohol deplete calcium from your body so switch to soup , veg juice , butter milk and coconut water.
    • • As age increases muscle tissue decrease and fat tissue increases. Resting metabolic rate decreases due to changes in body composition and reduction in physical activity. Resort to strength training to build lean muscle.
    • • Proteins are essential as they reduce hunger pangs and prevents sugar craving. So include sprouts, fish, eggs, chicken, curd , toned milk in your diet. Many women get older and do not get enough protein in diet which leads to muscle loss and slow metabolism.
    • • Females can include soy product in their diet as they are high in phytoestrogen , plant based estrogen which helps manage menopausal symptom .
    • • To keep the intestine working well , avoid foods that burden then . Maida sticks to the intestine and hinders its absorption. Over the years the lining of our gut gets covered with fermented waste , bacteria and dead tissue which leads to digestive upset and nutritional deficiency. Avoid too much of non veg food which makes the intestine acidic and places load on liver. Always have a bowl of salad along with nonveg food.
    • • Keep calories in check. Resort to healthy cooking method as steaming , stir frying , roasting and grilling. Always melt the butter before using it .
    • • To slow bone loss include calcium rich food in your diet. GLV’s dairy product, ragi , broccoli , til , almonds , salmons , rohu, prawn .
    • • Avoid table sugar switch to dates, raisins, gur, figs and fruits.
    • • Drinking lot of hot water along with food will dilute the enzymes. Drink only a cup of it. When you drink hot water before meal it helps control the appetite, while during meal it helps to digest.
    • • Stress interferes with the functioning of andrenal gland so the exercise should include a focus on destressing which can be best done with pranayam and yoga .


    Whether you like it or not water is the essence of life and is needed by every cell in your body. Sometimes you feel drained , drowsy or listless despite of having adequate diet. This is common in summer because of lack of water. Here are few reasons for you to have this elixir of life…

    • • Insufficient water level increases body temperature and slows metabolic activity like absorption , digestion , transport of nutrients , elimination of wastes and increases acid levels too.
    • • Water acts as a cleansing agent and flushes out toxins . Consuming 10 – 12 glasses each day can improve conditions like muscle ache, body pain, heart burn , joints pain , kidney stone , constipation , acne and skin allergies .
    • • Water is important to combat the dehydration caused by alcohol .
    • • Water is not only hydrogen and oxygen but has dissolved minerals in it which are essential for body.
    • • When kidney fails to cleanse the body due to inadequate water , the liver has to work harder putting undue stress on it.
    • • Drinking water during weight loss provides hydration without unwanted calories. As we know it helps flush out waste from the body , which is especially important during fat metabolism and weight loss .
    • • Recent researches show that a person’s mental capacity to work with figures and numbers is much higher when body is fully hydrated.
    • • When a person does not drink enough water the saliva and perspiration gets very concentrated and gives off an offensive odour .who wants that so , drink plenty of water.

    Seventy percent of our body is made up of water .Drink water on an empty stomach. This water can be kept overnight in a copper or silver vessel . You can drink sunlight charged water also.

    No single formula fits everyone , knowing your body’s need for fluid will help you estimate how much water is adequate for you . It depends on the size, climate, diet and activity level .On the other hand too much of water can be taxing. With summer setting in make it a point to drink water correctly to keep your body and mind fresh and active.



    Cold and cough is quite a common problem which disrupts normal work routine. How well protected are you against common cold depends on your immune system. In order to keep your immune system strong make nutritious food a part of your daily routine so that you are prepared to fight the battle of cold and cough whenever it strikes. Here are some dietary tips ……

    • • Make sure you take a lot of vitamin C which prevents you from catching cold. Oranges, lemon, kiwi, berries, kinnu are rich in vitamin C. Amla is the richest source of vitamin C, it should be taken regularly in the form of juice, powder, candies or churan.
    • • Garlic has great antioxidants and antiviral properties. Studies have suggested that it lowers the risk of viral infection by two third .So eat it raw or lightly cooked.
    • • Fresh ginger root helps treating cough and cold .you can pour boiling water over freshly grated ginger and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and then drink it hot or warm.
    • • Caffeine dehydrates the body, as for treating cold it is important to stay hydrated. Try herbal or green tea, soups with pepper etc. Tulsi tea with ginger and black pepper soothes the sore throat. Tulsi is a very effective herb.
    • • Hot chicken soup contains cystein that helps thinning the mucous. Try this with pepper, garlic and onion to speed up the recovery process.
    • • Honey has anti bacterial properties it appears to be a cough suppressant. You can try 1tsp of tulsi juice combined with 1 tsp of ginger and quarter tsp of honey to ease the symptoms.
    • • Meat and shellfish are loaded with zinc, which is needed to develop white blood cells that fight invading bacteria and viruses. Vegetarians can get their supply from yoghurt, milk, whole grain and soy products.
    • • Turmeric and cinnamon are considered immunity boosters and infection fighters. kachchi haldi mixed with pure desi ghee , extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil helps fight cold and cough . Boil one inch cinnamon in two cups of water. Half a cup of this water in the morning is a good antiviral drink.

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