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Eat healthy during Ramzan

This Ramzan the average fast duration is the longest in 36 years from 3.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. People fasting should practise correct and healthy eating.

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The pre dawn meal or sehri

The pre dawn meal or sehri gives energy for the day . In this sweltering weather right choices of food will nourish , hydrate & prepare the body to cope with the fast .

  • Food with high satiety and low glycemic index keep you full longer . Whole meal Chapati is a great choice along with salad and fruit as they release energy over a period of time and help prevent fatigue and lethargy.
  • Choose protein in the form of egg or curd or milk as these protein choices will not make you thirsty throughout the day . Adding elaichi to your milk or curd is a good idea.
  • Avoid too much spice as it can lead to indigestion or heart burn .
  • Soaked nuts should be included in the sehri as they are the powerhouse of energy.
  • Use ghee & avoid refined oil in the morning as ghee is easily digested by the body.
Elaborate spread & overindulgence during Iftar

Elaborate spread & overindulgence during Iftar can lead to physical discomfort. This can be easily managed by making sure you take small portion at a time.

  • It is important to break the fast with few dates. Avoid sherbets with high sugar content as they give you instant energy but results in energy slump instead choose drink made of saunff or tukmalanga or light nimboo pani which can be accompanied with a fruit or channa salad.
  • Choosing complex carbohydrate, lean protein & healthy fat is a good idea. Avoid refined carbohydrate like maida instead choose whole grain like wheat, oats, dalia whole meal flour, potato with skin, vegetables & fruits they not only keep you full but also helps in reliving constipation.
  • Always choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Fruits & vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals , vitamins & phytonutrients .
  • Pair your carbohydrates with protein like beans, pulses, legumes , skinless chicken , lean meat, egg & low fat dairy and its products to balance the meal. Unsalted nuts are also a good choice.
Meal planning should be in such a way that people fasting do not feel thirsty throughout the day:-

Meal planning should be in such a way that people fasting do not feel thirsty throughout the day:-

  • Avoid hot and spicy dishes which can increase thirst.
  • Too much salt to be avoided. Eating salted fish, pickle or papad increase the body’s need for water.
  • Choose seasonal fruit like muskmelon ,cucumber , watermelon etc. they are rich in water and fiber, they stay in the intestine for a long time and reduce thirst.
  • Choose fresh fruit juices (dilute it with water or cucumber juice and mint leaves) smoothies or summer coolers.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
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