Add Life

Mobile:+91 9415809398

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About Add Life

Addlife is a Nutrition Counseling Centre which helps improve your health through Nutrition therapy. Addlife has developed systems for Weight Loss and Health based programs that are specially designed with reference to Indian diets and food habits.

Proper nutrition can change the quality of your life:

A personal Nutrition assessment will diagnose your nutritional requirements and customize the balance of food and nutrients to your individual needs. You can learn more about improving the quality of your life and health by changing your food habits,and how nutritional supplements can help you overcome your nutritional deficiencies, also how certain herbs can help improve your health.

Forget fad diets . Addlife provides a balanced approach to eating which helps you learn healthy habits for life.

An effective Weight Management Program that lasts for life depends on three fundamental requirements.
  • • Managing Food Intake
  • • Moderate Physical Exercise
  • • Nutritional and Emotional Support

At AddLife you will receive a customized diet plan for you, which corrects your eating pattern. A gentle exercise routine is also suggested to increase your metabolism and assist our body burn excess fat efficiently.

Side benefits are:

  • Weight loss accompanied with improvement in general health.
  • Lifestyle disorders i.e. hypercholestrolemia, diabetes, hypertension etc are taken care of.
  • Increase in energy levels.
  • Boost in immune levels.
  • A tremendous sense of well being.
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